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Re: Maximum numbers of connection threads

At 05:20 PM 10/8/99 -0400, Louis Simon wrote: 
> When there is a connection from a client with the SLAPD Server
> for an operation ( example : a search ) I noticed in the code
> that there is a counter for the connection threads "active_threads".

No. The count refers to the number of active threads.  There
can be 0 or more active threads per LDAP session.

> Now, this counter is increased when a connection is accepted
> and decreased when the connection end.

No.  The counter is increased as input and operations threads
are created and deleted.   You may have many concurrent sessions
and no active threads.  You may have one session and many active
operation threads.

> But is there a limit for the number of active connection
> with the server?

Yes.  slapd can only accept connections while there are available
file descriptors.

> Let's say that there is 100 users performing various operation
> on the server at the same time, there will be 100 active
> connection threads?

For each concurrently executing operation there is one active

Yes, thread pools are on the TODO list...  Developers are
encouraged to jump on in (please coordinate on the -devel
mailing list).


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