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Re: ldap_bind: No such object

At 05:44 PM 10/7/99 -0400, evan.cordes@UMICH.EDU wrote:
>I've looked in the faq, and tried a thousand different things
>just to get slapd populated with a few initial entries:

Did you try following the quick start guide step for step?

>I've included my slapd.conf and a sample ldif file similar to
>the one in the admin guide and the faq-o-matic.

The admin guide is for U-Mich LDAP 3.3.  Our FAQ says to
that the installation and configuration portions of the
admin guide do not apply to OpenLDAP.

>I'm running:
>    slapd -d 255
>    and
>    ldapadd -v -D "cn=root, o=turkey.org, c=US" -w xxx < junky.ldif
>and I get:
>    ldap_bind: No such object
>every time.

slapd debugging output should provide a clue as to why it
returned the error code.

>database	ldbm
>suffix		"o=turkey.org, c=US"
>rootdn		"cn=root, o=turkey.org, c=US"

>dn: dc=turkey, dc=org
>dn: cn=Manager, dc=turkey, dc=org

Pick one DN scheme and stick with it.

referral	ldap://ldap.itd.umich.edu

Don't enable referrals until after you have things
set up correctly.


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