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what's the simplest ldif record openLdap can accept?

Dear openLdap users,

We are trying to evaluate openLdap as possible candidate for servers
for resolving Uniform Resource Names (URNs) to Uniform Resource
Locators(URLs).   In order to achieve the highest performance,  our
record should be trimmed down to bare minimum yet comply with ldif
format.  What is the minimum per record the ldif required?

for example,  my one million records starts with:

dn: dc=NLM, dc=gov
dc: NLM
Then, a million of records like:

dn: cn=1000/nl4/78654321,dc=NLM,dc=gov
cn: 1000/nl4/78654321
sn: z39.50r://z3950.nlm.nih.gov/medline?78654321

dn: cn=1000/nl4/78654322,dc=NLM,dc=gov
cn: 1000/nl4/78654322
sn: z39.50r://z3950.nlm.nih.gov/medline?78654322

dn: cn=1000/nl4/78654323,dc=NLM,dc=gov
cn: 1000/nl4/78654323
sn: z39.50r://z3950.nlm.nih.gov/medline?78654323

dn: cn=1000/nl4/78654324,dc=NLM,dc=gov
cn: 1000/nl4/78654324
sn: z39.50r://z3950.nlm.nih.gov/medline?78654324

Can I trim this down further?  All I need is a searchable name
(1000/nl4/78654324) / value
(z39.50r://z3950.nlm.nih.gov/medline?78654324) pairs.

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


 Kelley Hu
 U.S. National Library of Medicine, Computer Science Branch
 Bethesda, MD
 (301) 435-3205      khu@nlm.nih.gov