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Re: Primary key equivalent in LDAP.

At 12:15 PM 9/23/99 -0700, Subodh Nijsure wrote:
>objectclass modemUser
>        requires 
>                objectclass
>        allows
>                modemMacAddress,
>                downStreamMinBandwidth,
>                downStreamMaxBandwidth,
>mycompany.at.conf looks like this --
>attribute       modemMacAddress                 dn

>From your use, I would expect that cis would be a more
appropriate syntax for modemMacAddress.

>Now I am creating database using following input file. 
>dn: o=mycompany.com,c=US

>dn: modemMacAddress="123", o=mycompany.com,c=US

modemMacAddress: 123

(Note: modemMacAddress should not be of syntax DN if you are
not going to store a DN in it).

>dn: modemMacAddress="346", o=mycompany.com,c=US
>The problem is -- I want to create the database so that 'modemMacAddress' 
>should be the primary key i.e. there should be only one entry in the 
>database for given modemAddress.

The "primary key" is the DN.  It must be unique.  However, 2
entries (each with a unique DN) can have attributes with the
same values (regardless of syntax).

>With this schema definition I am able to 
>add multiple rows with same modemMacAddress.


>What am I doing wrong?

Confusing the DN syntax with the actual DN.