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unrecognized database type (shell)

I'm in a state of exploring openldap, and.. today.. after a few weeks toying
with openldap, I decided to try the back-shell database.

I changed the database type in slapd.conf so that it uses back-shell, like

#database      ldbm
database        shell
search            /usr/local/etc/search_test.sh
<snip - some more here, like rootdn, etc..etc..>

However, when I restart slapd (slapd -d1), slapd prints out the following

unrecognized database type (shell)

The 'search_test.sh' is just a blank text file (no code whatsoever in it). I
know I will have to write some code, but I don't think the printed error has
anything to do with search_test.sh.

Any clue?, (I'm using slapd 1.2.7-Release). Thanks for any info.