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Re: OpenLDAP and Netscape Communicator

Hi Russell,

Russell McOrmond wrote:

>   Before I had a chance to install OpenLDAP I read an article on how to
> configure OpenLDAP and Communicator to enable roaming profiles.  I now
> cannot find this article - does anyone have this handy?

Kartik Subbarao wrote on Wed, 01 Sep 1999:
Here's an article in LinuxWorld magazine on how to set up Netscape
roaming with OpenLDAP. I've also added it to the OpenLDAP faq-o-matic.


Phil Allred wrote on Mon, 02 Aug 1999:

Check the mail archieve and FAQ for all the details.

>   I have also been reading that the LDAP interface on Communicator is for
> lookups only.  If this is the case, what is the best tool for allowing
> people to update LDAP information, specifically that information displayed
> in Communicator lookups.



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