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Re: invalid format?

Kurt, Mark,

I know what you mean. But here I re-paste the whole entry again (the
previous one was warped by my email client). From what I see, the LDIF entry
is perfect.

Btw, I saved this LDIF file into DOS ASCII format (in Windows), then using
an ftp program, I upload it to my freeBSD server, and after that I use
ldapadd to import the entries. Is that could be the cause?

--------ldif - repasted ---------
dn: cn=Florence Tan,ou=Network or Internet,ou=Staff,
 o=SNT, st=Kuala Lumpur, c=MY
givenname: Florence
nscaltimezone: 0
nscalsysopcanwritepassword: 1
objectclass: top
objectclass: person
objectclass: organizationalPerson
objectclass: inetOrgPerson
objectclass: mailRecipient
objectclass: nsLicenseUser
objectclass: nsCalUser
usercertificate;binary:: Y2F0ZSBBZG1pbmlzdHJhdGlvbjEe
nscalorgunit2: Staff
facsimiletelephonenumber: (60)82-232008
mailalternateaddress: florence@sarawak.com.my
nscaldefaultreminder: 0:10
ou: Network or Internet
nscaldisplayprefs: 4:480:1080:0:30:62:2
mailquota: 10000000
mailmessagestore: /opt3/spool/mailbox/SNT
uid: florence
mail: florence@snt.com.my
nscallanguageid: 0
cn: Florence Tan
telephonenumber: (60)82-234008
maildeliveryoption: mailbox
labeleduri: http://intranet.snt.com.my/staff/florence
nslicensedfor: mail
nscalnotifmechanism: 1
nscaldefaulttaskreminder: 0:0
nscalxitemid: 10000:00286
nscaldefaultnotereminder: 0:0
postaladdress: SiliconNet Technologies Sdn BhdLot 352,Rubb
 er, 93400 Kuching,Sarawak, Malaysia
description: Staff Home Page
nscalrefreshprefs: 1:60
mailhost: neptune.snt.com.my
sn: Tan Peck Kian
nscaloperatingprefs: 0:255:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1440:0:144
nscalpasswordrequired: 1
title: System Programmer
nscalflags: 0

----- Original Message -----
From: Mark C Smith <mcs@netscape.com>
To: Rosdi Kasim <rosdi@snt.com.my>
Cc: Kurt D. Zeilenga <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org>; <openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org>
Sent: Friday, September 17, 1999 12:14 AM
Subject: Re: invalid format?

> "Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> >
> > >usercertificate;binary::
> > >  hHj20fJ61JObHn6CMKECe81NMWo8Ng05Gesk9f8x29HXIq91+l6H0Pb1n99gpiz3
> >
> > First continuation line doesn't start with a space.
> > Second continuation line starts with two spaces.
> >
> > >nscaloperatingprefs:
> > >0:255:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1440:0:1440:0:0:1440:0:1440:0:
> > > 0:1440:0:1440:0:0:1440:0:1440:0:0:1440:0:1440:0:0:0:0:0
> >
> > First continuation line doesn't start with a space.
> Right.  I have never seen the Netscape Directory Server generate badly
> formatted LDIF like this, so I suspect the file was accidently modified
> somehow.  If not, please send me information on how to reproduce the
> problem.
> --
> Mark Smith
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