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LDAP Search Question

I have a potentially stupid question to ask so please bear with me.

I have a cgi program that searches for individual entries with a given
search string.  Upon retrieval I would like to list each discovered
entry as a link pointing to the entry's distinguished name.  Once the
user selects one of the links the search then proceeds to display
information about that entry from the dn that was passed to it.  I'm
having trouble searching with the passed dn, in fact the server just
spins for a while and then returns nothing.

My question then is can I do a search against the directory using the
entry's distinguished name, and if so what API call do I use ?  I think
it should be no problem so I must be missing some grey matter
somewhere.  I'm using Netscape Directory server v3.0 with the
corresponding SDK.  The filter I am using looks like this:   (dn=dn
returned from previous search).

Thanks for any help.

Tod Thomas