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invalid format?

I imported the whole content of my Netscape's LDAP server and save it in an
LDIF file. Then, I tried to use ldapadd to put the entries back into my
openldap's server.

Everything is fine until ldapadd reach entry number 33, and it quits with an
error message like this;

ldapadd: invalid format (line 33 of entry: cn=Fong Sai Yuk,
ou=Multimedia,ou=Staff, o=SNT, st=Kuala Lumpur, c=MY

What could be wrong? I have inspected the ldif file, and don't see any
irregularities. Futhermore, I didn't even touch the file, it is the exact
same file I imported from Netscape's LDAP server.

Below is the entries that ldapadd says is invalid, could someone give me a

dn: cn=Fong Sai Yuk,ou=Multimedia,ou=Staff, o=SNT, st=Kuala Lumpur, c=MY
givenname: Sai Yuk
mobile: 0198571646
nscaltimezone: 0
nscalsysopcanwritepassword: 1
objectclass: top
objectclass: person
objectclass: organizationalPerson
objectclass: inetOrgPerson
objectclass: mailRecipient
objectclass: nsLicenseUser
objectclass: nsCalUser
nscalorgunit3: Staff
nscalorgunit2: SNT
facsimiletelephonenumber: 082-283648
nscaldefaultreminder: 0:10
ou: Multimedia
mailmessagestore: /opt3/spool/mailbox/SNT
nscaldisplayprefs: 4:480:1080:1:60:127:2
mailquota: 10000000
uid: chai
mail: fsy@snt.com.my
cn: Chai Hai Wee
nscallanguageid: 0
telephonenumber: 082-228461
maildeliveryoption: mailbox
nslicensedfor: mail
nscalnotifmechanism: 1
nscaldefaulttaskreminder: 0:0
nscalxitemid: 10000:00265
nscaldefaultnotereminder: 0:0
nscalrefreshprefs: 1:60
mailhost: neptune.snt.com.my
sn: Chai
nscalpasswordrequired: 1
title: Multimedia Artist
nscalflags: 0