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RE: How to get searches to work from root dn?

At 09:19 AM 9/15/99 +0300, Jukka Vaisanen wrote:
>All right, I will use the "dc=iscape, dc=fi" suffix.. but I'm still
>wondering how/why do Four11 etc implement their service so that they do not
>require a search base.

Likely to work around some brain damaged clients.  If you have
such, update or replace it.

>Can I alias a null dn somehow to point to "dc=iscape, dc=fi" so that both
>would work? I understand that "by the book" a null search base is something
>I shouldn't do but since everyone else does it.. ;)

Four11 and other public servers are not a good example to model
yourself after.   Many of these services ignore the search base
altogether.  Example:

  ldapsearch -R -a never -L -h ldap.four11.com -b "dc=OpenLDAP,dc=Org" \
  "(|(givenname=Jukka)(sn=Vaisanen))" 1.1
  dn: cn=Jukka Vaisanen, mail=vaizki@icon.fi