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problem with ldif2ldbm

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone has run into this problem before.  I am trying
to build an LDAP database from scratch.  I have the LDIF file, and I have
imported it via ldapadd and ldif2ldbm.  The ldapadd method works fine
(although very slowly).  When I try to import it via ldif2ldbm, I
encounter a strange occurance.  My database files grow, so I know data it
getting into them, but when I start up the server and try to query it w/
ldapsearch -b "o=test,c=US" "objectclass=*", ldapsearch returns "no such

When I use the ldbmcat tool, I see that there is data in the database.
Now here's the odd thing, if I use ldapadd to add the root of the
database, all of a sudden I can find all my entries.

Here is the beginning of my LDIF file:

dn: o=test,c=US
o: test
objectclass: organization

dn: krbname=/.../isc.rit.edu/nobody,o=test,c=US
cn: nobody anonymous NFS user
sn: xanonymous NFS user
krbname: /.../isc.rit.edu/nobody
mail: nobody@rit.edu
vanityName: nobodyisvain
objectclass: person
objectclass: inetOrgPerson


When I add that with ldif2ldbm, it's as if I never added it at all.  When
I add this (with ldapadd) it all works:

description=This is just a test

So my question is, is there something wrong with the way I'm using
ldif2ldbm?  Why would it seem to fill up the database, yet ignore the
root?  I am using OpenLDAP OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_1_2 (from about a week ago) on
DEC Unix.

Thanks for your time and help,