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Memory leak?

Before submitting a bug report I want to check with the community
if this is a known behavior.

I was doing some performance testing of 1.2.6 on FreeBSD. During the
test I was adding about 400 000 entries from an LDIF file using
ldapadd. I was watching the size of the database files (SleepyCAT 2.7.7)
and the size of the slapd process itself. Several observations.

First, the index files, objectlass.dbb and abcommonname.dbb (my only
index using my primary abcommonname attribute) started growing initially
and were updated a couple of times during the first 15 minutes of the
4 hours exercise. Then they stopped growing and according to their
modified time stamp remained at the same state. After the process
was done, they didn't change. So here is the question. Do I need to
rebuild the index manually and what is the actual algorithm of updating
indices? Why these files were changing initially?

Second, the slapd process was growing constantly over the course of the
test, starting from 3Mb and ending at 134Mb. After ldapadd finished
the memory didn't shrink. It looks like a memory leak to me, unless
there is a reason for this behavior.

Can anybody shed some light on this issues? I will probably submit
a detailed bug report(s) later.

		Yuri Rabover
		3Cube, Inc.