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Re: 1.2.7 bug?

Earlier today, Svante Sörmark wrote:

> i don't know if this is a bug in openldap or nss_ldap, but a bug it is.
> when using nss_ldap for hostlookups with openldap, slapd will hang if
> i try to do a search from another host. after this nothing will work,
> even from localhost.

Like this?

- infinite recursion is host lookup -- libldap uses gethostbyname(). Perhaps
  we should link with a custom gethostbyname() which uses DNS only??? (This
  is nominally the LDAP client library's problem but we could short-circuit
  by resolving the IP addresses ourselves).

(From "BUGS" in the nss_ldap package.)

Alternatively, in your system's /etc/nsswitch.conf file (at least, on the
machine running slapd), have "ldap" appear last (if at all) so that other
services (files, dns, etc.) will succeed earlier with lookups.