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Back to OpenLDAP 1.3.6

Good afternoon!

I've had the bad (or good?) idea to change some parameters of a
multi-threaded OpenLDAP 1.3.6 slapd server running on AIX 4.2.1:

The directory contains about 15000 entries. I perform the following
- A process forks 15 times, each son binds to the LDAP server and perform a
different search which returns about 1000 entries. The father waits for its
sons to terminate and then exits.
- It works pretty well :o)
- I do it again
- All sons return "No such object" :o(
- Any request sent to the LDAP server fail with the "No such object" reason
code :o/

Have I missed something? Or is it a "known bug"?

Frederic Poels.