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Re: newbie question - sorting results?

How about the LDAP sorting routines:


Aren't these what you are looking for?

Frederic Poels.

At 22:42 17/08/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm definitely mired in newbie status - can someone offer advice for the
>following question?
>Can one specify a sort order when performing a query, such that the
results are
>returned pre-sorted by the database, not by the client?  Something similar
to an
>SQL select statement ending in "ORDER BY column"?
>It would make my head hurt so much less than trying to get a working
>multidimensional array sort function in php (and hey, if you have one of
>send that too! :-) )...
>Thanks for any help.
>Trever Furnish, trever@monster.com
>Monster.com Operations