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about objectclass

In rfc2247(Using Domains in LDAP/X.500 Distinguished Names),Section 5 ,I read
such lines:"This section defines 2 object classes.The first,dcObject,...as 
Auxiliary class.The second,domain,...is a structural objectclass."
I can't find dcObject in slapd.oc.conf and rfc2256. And some objectclass (such 
as inetOrgPerson which I see on this newsgroup) can't be found in slapd.oc.conf.
Where to find the latest objectclasses?

There are little attributes in slapd.at.conf.Where to find all attributes?

And I know organizationPerson is subclass of Person. Is there any file which
shows explictly the inheritance relationship among objectclasses? If I define a
new objectclass, how to define it as a subclass of "Person"?

I have so many questions about objectclass so any help will be appreciated 
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