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Re: Where is the aclocal program?

At 09:47 AM 8/10/99 +0200, ricardo_manzano@es.ibm.com wrote:
>Hello, I'm try to get open-ldap work with AIX and I get the following error
>messages when running "configure":
>checking for working aclocal... missing
>checking for working autoconf... missing
>checking for working automake... missing
>checking for working autoheader... missing
>checking for working makeinfo... missing

These tools are not prerequisite software.  It's not an error
for them to be missing.

>creating libraries/liblthread/Makefile
>sed: Function s%@ACLOCAL@%/usr/lpp/incadoc/ldap/build cannot be parsed.

I would guess your are suffering from an ill sed(1).  You may
need to select an alternative sed(1) implementation.  You
may have to install a replacement sed(1) such as GNU sed.