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Binding/Searching over multiple databases

Hello again,

I am now trying to break my ldap tree into different ldbm databases
sharing the same root, but I have difficulties for accessing multiple
databases at the same time, ie I can bind as an entry in one database
and consult/add entries within this database, but I didn't succeed in
making a search over all my databases at once, with only one bind in one
of those and/or adding entries to another database than the one I'm
bound in... I tried tweaking ACLs to allow writting from databases to
other but without success.

Is it possible to do so however (eg I'd like to have the same
fonctionnality that with one database but isolating subtrees in
different dbs) ? Or is the possibility to have multiple databases only
used to run a unique slapd over multiple datasets ?


 Gaël Roualland - gael.roualland@iname.com
 ENSERB Informatique, 3ème année.