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Re: Binding/Searching over multiple databases

At 06:26 PM 8/9/99 +0200, Gaël Roualland wrote:
>Hello again,
>I am now trying to break my ldap tree into different ldbm databases
>sharing the same root, but I have difficulties for accessing multiple
>databases at the same time, ie I can bind as an entry in one database
>and consult/add entries within this database, but I didn't succeed in
>making a search over all my databases at once, with only one bind in one
>of those and/or adding entries to another database than the one I'm
>bound in... I tried tweaking ACLs to allow writting from databases to
>other but without success.

When you divide a database into multiple, you must provide the
referrals to glue it together and use clients which chase referrals.
In addition, if the referral returned is to a "different" server
as determined by the client, the client must rebind when chasing
the referral.  The command line tools do not rebind so only
work if the referral is to "original" server.

Note:  a client which connects localhost is likely consider
any referral to be "different".

>Is it possible to do so however (eg I'd like to have the same
>fonctionnality that with one database but isolating subtrees in
>different dbs) ?

No.  Operations do not span databases.  However, the client can
chase referrals the server provides.

>Or is the possibility to have multiple databases only
>used to run a unique slapd over multiple datasets ?

Not sure what you're asking here... I'll assume my comments
above answered the question.