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Re: Sendmail - LDAP

I am looking at O'Reilly's "Sendmail " (2nd edition) book under LDAP.
It says the ldapx class is used to look up items in the X.500 directory
service.  It is declared like this:

    Kname ldapx [switches]

then it says...
"The following rule can be used with the above declaration to look up
the preferred mail address for a user:

    R$ <@ $+ > $*        $: $(ldap $1 $: $1<@<$2<$3 $)"

After modifying sendmail.cf and restarting the daemon I get the
following error:
Starting sendmail:
554 /etc/sendmail.cf: line 191: readcf: map ldap: class ldapx not

What does this mean?

>On Wed, 4 Aug 1999, Curtis Wensley wrote:

>> I'm trying to find information about setting up a unix mail server
>> (sendmail) using LDAP lookups.  Can anyone point in the right

>sendmail supports LDAP lookups by default in version 8.9.x


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