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Re: ldif2ldbm

On Wed, 4 Aug 1999, Alex Turner wrote:

> Hi,  I just downloaded the latest version of OpenLDAP, and isntalled it on
> my i686 RH6.0 box.  The install all went fine, and the tests ran
> succesfully, but following through the doccies, I get to building the
> database with ldif2ldbm and it seg faults.  It didnt tell me that it seg
> faulted, but a core file appeared in the directory, and there was no db
> file...
> Does anyone know anything about openldap under glibc2.1 sef faulting?  is
> there  a fix?

I'm running OpenLDAP on two Redhat 6 boxes without any problems with
OpenLDAP. I used ldif2ldbm with 1.2.4 - 1.2.6 on both boxes without
problems. Both machines were PII's with 64Mb RAM using kernel 2.2.10,
other than that a pretty standard RH6 install


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