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Re: windows version ?

The faq-o-matic seems to indicate that there is
build/main.dsw for NT build.  I downloaded 1.2.1,
but I don't see the dsw file.  Do I need to download
a different image ?
thanks in adv.

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From: TK Sung <tksung@extravert.com>
To: openldap-general@OpenLDAP.org <openldap-general@OpenLDAP.org>
Date: Monday, August 02, 1999 6:11 PM
Subject: windows version ?

>A newbie question.  I'm looking for LDAP server that 
>I can run on NT. Can I build one using OpenLDAP 
>software, and if I can, how much work would that entail ?
>Thanks in adv.