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Re: ldapsearch -D?

Which version are you using?  I suspect you are using 2.0-alpha.
This is not advised for new users.  I recommend you use 1.2 instead.

If you are using 1.2, I have no clue to what's wrong.  1.2 bind
never responds with "Insufficient access".

At 10:29 AM 8/2/99 PDT, Samir Desai wrote:
>ldap_bind: Insufficient access
>        matched: ""
>        additional info:
>This is what ldapsearch returns when I bind with any other user besides 
>Would you know, why?

Because your (openldap-2.0-alpha) ACLs did not grant an anonymous
client authentication access to the target DN's "entry" and/or
"userPassword" attrs.  tests/slapd-acl.conf contains examples
of such ACLs.