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RE: open-LDAP on NT with Visual C++

The NT port is currently experimental.  That means that it isn't in any of the release or stable distributions.  To get the source, you have to use anonymous CVS per the OpenLDAP web pages.  Just do a CVS checkout ldap.  That should get everything you need.  Go to the build directory and open the main.dsw workspace file.  Be sure to "build" the setup project first.  It just renames some files in the include directory, but it has to be done for the other builds to work properly.  Also, you have to have a regular expression library (check the OpenLDAP FAQ-O-Matic) and db 2.7.5 (I think) from sleepycat.com.  Once you get that far, I'm sure you'll have other questions.  Don't hesitate to ask!

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Subject: open-LDAP on NT with Visual C++

Is there some information I could get so I could compile LDAP with Visual C++? 
Where can I get the source code all zipped? I searched for a package or a readme text explaining how to proceed with the build of LDAP source code under Windows NT with Visual C++ and found nothing.
Does someone knows how to work this thing with Visual C++?