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Re: Getting started with new database - problems

Peter Robinson schrieb:
> dn: o=My Organisation, c=AU
> objectclass organization
You left the ":" !
All the examplers i see, use "objectclass: top" also.

> dn: ou=Accounting ,o=My Organisation c=AU
In my short expirence of using ldap is: "Do not use BLANK's in dn's"

> dn: uid=doej ou=Accounting , o=My Organisation, c=AU
             "," ??

Please try it and let us know if it run's.

PS: And take a look at the index of the database. They will be defined in    
slapd.conf. We have the last day's some mail's to this topics on this list.
    Consult the mailarchiv via web of this list.

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