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IRIX OS/OpenLDAP integration

I've been playing with the nsd stuff in IRIX, which is
similar to the nss stuff from PADL for authing Unix
logins against ldap but comes as a standard part of the
IRIX OS now.  I'm trying to get that to work with

One thing I ran into is the following:
IRIX takes a bunch of attributes from an objectclass
posixAccount record to build the equivalent of the lines
found in /etc/passwd.  One of the attributes it grabs is

If I make userpassword the unix crypted password, it
works for IRIX logins, but not for ldap auth (for other
services).  If I put it in the proper format for ldap
auth, it doesn't work for IRIX logins.  I.e.:

userPassword: cryptedpass         <--works for IRIX login
userPassword: {crypt}cryptedpass  <--works for ldap bind

I tried using plaintext passwords also, but it doesn't
like that.  I can change the attribute IRIX looks at,
but I'd prefer not to have to use 2 attributes to hold
different forms of the same password info - if nothing
else, I have to create special password changing utils,
and any common utils to change passwords (like ldappasswd)
would break things by only changing one occurance...

Anyone played with this on IRIX and got it to work the
"right" way?

 Jeff Clowser
 mailto:jclowser@aerotek.com       Hanover MD  21076 USA
 Phone: (410)-579-4328             7312 Parkway Drive