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RE: My first LDAP attempt...

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Sent:	Thursday, July 22, 1999 12:19 AM
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Subject:	RE: My first LDAP attempt...

The ones I use are:

objectClass => person
o => The company they work for (normally your company, but not always in my
ou => The subgroup of the company they work for
cn => Their full name
sn => Surname
givenname => Given name
mail => Email address
telephonenumber => Telephone number (comes out as Business phone in Outlook
pager => Pager number
title => Job title
physicalDeliveryOfficeName => Office number
uid => User ID

I know this breaks some of the "rules" of LDAP in that these things are not
all actually part of the person class (some are orgpersons) so it may not
work correctly in other clients.
However, the above all work in Outlook Express 5 and Outlook 2000 (haven't
gotten around to trying Netscape yet).

[Kenneth Hughes]  Thanks for the help! I also fiddled around a bit more and found some extras. Here are the ones that I've got so far:

mail=(e-mail address)
street=(street address)
l(lowercase L)=(city)
postalcode=(zip code)
title=(job title)
telephonenumber=(business phone)
officefax=(business fax)

Thanks again for the help!