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Re: Net::LDAPapi and C SDK problems

At 09:00 PM 7/20/99 +0200, Borek Lupomesky wrote:
>On Tue, 20 Jul 1999, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>> Net::LDAPapi (deprecated) works fine when built with OpenLDAP 1.2.
>> I actually use this combination on occassion.
>   Hm, deprecated ...

Yes.  Net::LDAPapi is deprecated in favor of PerlLDAP.
(see: http://www.linc-dev.com/perl.html).

>What is recommended Perl module for serious work?

Depending on your needs, any of the modules (include Net::LDAPapi)
are fine for serious work (isn't all work serious?).   I recommend
you make your own choice as to what's appropriate for your use.
I believe PerlLDAP is the most actively maintained, fully featured,
and most widely used Perl LDAP module in existence and definitely
worthy of consideration.  However, there are situations where
other modules may be quite appropriate (as evident by their
continued use).