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Re: Net::LDAPapi and C SDK problems

At 08:47 AM 7/20/99 +0100, Lou Daly wrote:
>I can run the Netscape C SDK example programs on my OpenLDAP installation.

So, I assume you are using the Netscape C SDK as some of their
examples are specific to their SDK.

>I cannot get the Perl module Net::LDAPapi (or for that matter
>mozilla's perLDAP) to run due to inability to load the relavent LDAPapi.so

If using Netscape C SDK, you should consider using PerLDAP.  It's
the most robust Perl LDAP module available.  It does require
the Netscape C SDK.

Net::LDAPapi (deprecated) works fine when built with OpenLDAP 1.2.
I actually use this combination on occassion.

Another option is Net::LDAP (100% perl LDAP module).