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RE: Netscape's Address Book: can't query multiple entries


A possibility, that's just lost me two days (!), is that you haven't specified 
the directory for the LDBM backend.

It seems that if you use the LDBM backend without specifying the directory (in 
the backend section of the config file) it won't do wildcard searches.
You can test this as follows:
ldapsearch -b "whatever" 'objectclass=*'
that will return no entries, but
ldapsearch -b "whatever" 'objectclass=person'
will return correctly.

I could find no mention of this in any of the documentation (if I had more time 
I'd volunteer to rewrite it, it's too much based on the original slapd).

For reference, this is on Digital Unix 4.0D, using either DU's database or 


On 20 July 1999 04:55, Edi Cahyadi [SMTP:ECahyadi@site.kiani.com] wrote:
> I create a new directory in Netscape's Address Book. Using "Show name
> containing: ", I try to search one more entry, e.g. by inputting "a" in it,
> it gives no output. The toolbar says: "No matches found". I expected two
> entries found.
> Which log did mean? I don't find any related to this error.
> Thanks,
> Edi


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