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Re: LDAP/mail interaction

Stuart Lynne wrote:

> And you can also do the opposite. Have email delivered to users who only
> exist in the context of the mail system. I.e. they do not have any
> relationship to the Unix passwd/group model. This implies that your MTA can
> determine what to do with messages without consulting /etc/passwd (or
> equivalent) and your popper can authenticate the user without access to
> /etc/passwd. Which in turn implies that you have a policy database
> accessible to both. Access to which can be done with LDAP.

I think this goes back to the original question,
which is how to build a mail server, maintain
user info and auth credentials for mail in LDAP
(exclusively if possible), have all 3 services
(smtp, pop, and imap) use the same info so they
look for mail in the same place for a given user,
but does not allow the user telnet/ftp/other
access to the mail server, and btw how do you
do it for free :-)

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