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Re: LDAP/mail interaction

2 problems the I ran into with this solution.

First, I'm doing this to help a friend at a University -really no money to
build this, so have to use existing hardware and free software.
This ends up being Irix/SGI machines.  I looked on PADL, and it
only lists Linux and Solaris - if you or anyone has pointers to how to
do it on IRIX or where to find info, that would be a great help.

Second is that the side effect of this would be that users could also
log into the machine, ftp to it, etc - they could use whatever other
user based services are on that box, which could be bad.  There are ways
to tighten this down, but it starts to get very complicated.  However,
it solves a lot of things, and I'm willing to give it a shot.

BTW - This was my first thought also, and I started telling her
how to build a Linux box to do all this, and stumbled when she said
it must be done on Irix.

Wilbert de Graaf wrote:

> Jeff,
> > I am looking for options for a complete, Open Source mail
> > solution that uses LDAP to store all user/auth info.
> >
> Isn't it true that if you change you're OS to use LDAP instead of
> /etc/passwd or NIS, SendMail automatically uses LDAP. The OS will verify
> username/password against LDAP and also the ~ will get from LDAP right ? I
> heard it's possible to do this on both Linix and Irix but didn't try it
> myself.
> - Wilbert

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