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LDAP/mail interaction

I am looking for options for a complete, Open Source mail
solution that uses LDAP to store all user/auth info.

I want to create a "black box" mail server - i.e users
don't have unix accounts on the server - they have to
access everything through smtp/pop/imap, with auth/config
determined/managed via LDAP as much as possible.

I understand that mail500 (which comes with openldap)
can be integrated with sendmail as a local delivery agent
to do this, and I've seen Clayton Donnely's Cyrus patches
to make the cyrus pop/imap servers auth against LDAP,
but I have not yet downloaded them and played with them yet.

One of my concerns is interoperability between the two-
Can I manage both through LDAP (user auth, where the mail
is stored, quota's, etc)?

Are there alternatives, including alternatives that have
pop/imap/smtp in one package?  I'd like to get as complete
a list of ldap enabled free/open source mail server solutions
as I can to make a full eval.  If I coded the LDAP
integration myself, what packages easily support adding
alternative user config options?

 Jeff Clowser
 mailto:jclowser@aerotek.com       Hanover MD  21076 USA
 Phone: (410)-579-4328             7312 Parkway Drive