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Re: NEWBIE - no data back from query

At 08:32 12/07/99 -0700, you wrote:
>At 04:16 PM 7/12/99 +1000, Mark Harvey wrote:
>>Sorry if this is not the correct list (please advise correct list) for
>>my problem.
>This is the right list.
>>I've built the openldap succesfully on Linux (RedHat v6) and make tests
>>pass OK.
>>Following the "A Quick-Start Guide to running slapd" I get a response
>>from the ldapsearch program of "ldap_search: No such object".
>This is commonly caused by not specifying a search base (-b)
>on your ldapsearch command.   See our FAQ for hints.
>>The ldif2ldmb seemed to build the database correctly and I do have
>>several files in /var/tmp.
>That's a good sign.  However, I recommend using ldapadd() to import
>entries into your directory.  ldif2ldbm doesn't do any ldif or
>schema checks (it's designed to work in conjunction with ldbmcat).
>>A "strings" of the files in /var/tmp does have the data in them.
>Probably a case of bad ldif.  Use ldapadd.

I have experienced problems myself using ldif2ldbm (on Linux): entries
appeared when I performed "ldapsearch -b base" but did not appear when I
performed "ldapsearch -s one" on the entry above them. Using ldapadd works
fine though. Maybe this should ba added to some FAQ?