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Re: ldap protocol error

At 11:44 AM 7/2/99 +0200, Van Liedekerke Franky wrote:
>I'm trying to replicate from SunDS to openldap1.2.3 on solaris 2.6
>Now I see that some modifications are rejected, but not always???
>See below for the modif I try do to.
>Now I tried this modif by hand using ldapmodify, and it works once, twice,
>and then it bombs out with the error:
>Modify error: Protocol error
>                no values given

This is indicative of a modify request which contained a non-delete
operation where no values were provided. 

>Does anyboy have an idea why?

[input excerpt]
>replace: ou

I suspect this should be a delete directive.  Maybe SunDS's
replog has a slightly different format (LDIF2) than ours (LDIF).
Seems like a job for perl...

>Now my guess is that load has something to do with it: if I try it with
>seconds in between I get no errors, if I try fast modifications, it fails
>after a while...

That seems a bit odd to me.  But could be.  You might try building
the slapd --without-threads and see if the problem goes away.