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Re: Using Netscape to mail to a group

On Thu 1-Jul, Jeff Clowser wrote:
> In every case I've seen, the expansion of test1 is done by a mail server,
> not a client. I.e. the test1 record would have a mail attribute (such as
> test1@valor.com). There may need to be other attributes (On Netscape
> Messaging
> server, you typically have objectclass mailGroup and groupOfUniqueNames,
> mailhost, etc).
I understand your reasoning for putting the onus of expansion on the
server but users often like to see the expansion locally just to
ensure that they know who they are sending to.

If you select a groupOfNames from an address book using Netscape,
Netscape opens another window and expands the next level down. So it
would seem that the underlying infra-structure is in place, it is just
not used when sending mail.

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