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Re: Problem in the search with OpenLDAP

"Ronald E. Fortin" wrote:
> I updated to OpenLDAP 1.2.3 using BerkeleyDB 2.7.5 and searches based at
> a subtree seem to work correctly now.

I have gone through this ordeal recently.  BDB 2.7.5 is the absolute
minimum.  Even 2.7.4 won't cut it.

I traced through filterentry.c and could see that the id2children search
(that is used to find the immediate children in one-level searches)
returns garbage:  some real children are returned, some entries that
are not immediate children are returned and some real children are not
returned.  As a consequence, attempts to intersect the set of entries
returned with the set returned by some other search criterion is
random (in the hackish sense, it seems deterministic):  will seem to work
with some queries, but fail with other searches.

I was using the cvs HEAD version, but my experience is coherent with
what others are seeing.