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URL syntax for ldap

Greetings all,

First of all thanks for those who have helped me over the past few weeks in
getting my ldap server up and running.

I've setup my openldap 1.2.1 server with username and passwords (UNIX and
PAM) and ACL.

I've also let up a small cgi script (wtihout usrname and password) that
redirects to the ldap URL :

E.G.: ldap://ldap.matrox.com/location=Dorval,o=Matrox,c=CA??sub?cn=*joe*
Would search my LDAP server with the search base
And the search criteria set to lookup for all entries of  cn=*joe* .


Is it possible to bind a username and password to a URL? If so, how do I do
it, or where can I get info on how to do it.