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RE: best book?

may i recommend *against* "Implementing LDAP."  it's light on concrete
information, didn't pass by an proof-reader & and the cutesy writing style
is slightly annoying.  On the other hand, "Understanding & Deploying LDAP
Directory services"  seems to be good.  i haven't finished it yet, but it
seems to be much more well-rounded tham implementing LDAP - appealing to Sys
admins as well as programmers - and is written in "text-book" stye rather
than "for dummies" style.

my two cents,
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> Subject:	best book?
> Hello all,
> Does anyone have any recommendations for any books about LDAP and LDAP
> development?  I learn very well from books, and I was hoping someone could
> offer their personal opinions on some of the LDAP books out there.  From
> search amazon.com, I came across these two books.  They offer different
> types of information and approaches to LDAP.  As a developer, I think I
> would be more interested in the second book.
> Understanding and Deploying Ldap Directory Services
> Ldap : Programming Directory-Enabled Applications With Lightweight
> Directory Access Protocol
> Any information or opinions would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks very much,
> Seth