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running ldif2ldbm

The first time I ran "make" in tests directory after build LDAP servers, I had problem running it. Second time when I ran the build again, I skipped (forgot) this step and went ahead to install the software. That's why I don't know there are sample data and testing scripts.

I found this the tests directory along with those scripts are very useful in terms of testing the servers in every aspects and as a tutorial to learn the whole thing. But however I ran into problem when I manually ran the scripts. I believe that is due to I am not very familiar with UNIX plus all of the tools in OpenLDAP.

Looking into the scripts of tests directory, the first task it does is to run ldif2ldbm. Below is the command I gave and the problem I ran into:

In tests directory:
../servers/slapd/tools/ldif2ldbm -f ./data/slapd-master.conf -i ./data/test.ldif -e ../servers/slapd/tools

The problem I got:
id2entry file: Bad file number
stopping: child exited with status 1

Thank you very much for prompt help.