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Re: ldapsearch vs Outlook Express

Ok, I have figured out what the numbers meant.  They corresponded to
maximum time and size limit, and whether to traverse referrals.
Unfortunately, getting those to match did not fix the problem.  So, the
problem must lie elsewhere.

I examined a debug level 4 output from the two requests and they're
practically identical.  I then went for broke and requested adebug level
65535 log of the two transactions.  It appears that somehow, the Outlook
Express search is getting mapped to an equality search! I have attached
the log file in the hopes that someone here can help me determine what's
going wrong.

If you search on "begin get_filter" you will see the first request (from
Outlook Express) answers EQUALITY even though the following two lines
state filter: (sn~=FREEDERICK).  The second instance of "begin get_filter"
in the log is from the command:

ldapsearch -b "dc=solutia, dc=com" -l 60 -z 100 -a always "sn~=Freedercik"

You will notice that get_filter correctly returns APPROX in this case.
Can anyone on the list tell me why this is happening?  Thanks!

                                       Stephen Anderson