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Re: Ldapd Compilation on Solaris

I built it against Isode 2.2.4 and I got an executable but have not
actually tried it. 

Alan Thew                                       alan.thew@liverpool.ac.uk
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On Mon, 3 May 1999, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

>configure support for ldapd, the LDAP to X.500 gateway,
>is in a sorry state and needs significant work.  Basically,
>you need to specify loads of defines via CPPFLAGS to get
>it to compile.  (Folks have actually gotten it to compile,
>hopefully one of them will respond with details).
>Volunteers are needed to maintain ldapd.  Without such,
>ldapd will likely be axed from the distribution.  Anyone
>interested in working on configure support for ldapd
>are encourged to contact <project@openldap.org>.
>	Kurt