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ldap_add: No such object


I recently installed openLdap and running slapd . Whenever I tried
adding a entry (still in trials), I am getting the error: No Such
.I went through the archives and found similar problems and tried but
could not see any results .

#ldapadd -f ldif1
adding new entry cn=Prasad Narasimha, o=krdl, c=SG
ldap_add: No such object

#ldif2ldbm -i ldif1
id2children file: Resource temporarily unavailable
stopping: child exited with status 1

My slapd.conf file looks like this :
schemacheck     off
#referral       ldap://ldap.itd.umich.edu

pidfile         /opt1/var/slapd.pid

database        ldbm
dbcachesize 50000000

suffix  "o=krdl, c=SG"
index cn,sn,uid, pres,eq,approx,sub
index objectclass pres,eq
index default none
directory       /usr/tmp

rootdn          "cn=prasad, o=krdl, c=SG"
rootpw          secret

My sample file ldif1 looks like this:

dn: cn=Prasad Narasimha, o=krdl, c=SG
objectclass: person
cn: Prasad Narasimha
sn: Narasimha

What is wrong in the above files ?

Thanks for any suggestions



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