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Re: Need help for configure the sources openldap-release.tgz

At 02:24 PM 4/26/99 -0700, Angela Liang wrote:
>For the below errors, it can go on without fixing it.

configure doesn't actually 'fix' anything.  It's just
reporting what it finds.

>checking for working aclocal... missing
>checking for working autoconf... missing
>checking for working automake... missing
>checking for working autoheader... missing
>checking for working makeinfo... missing

The existance of these tools is are needed only for
porting OpenLDAP to new platforms.  It's not an error
for them to be 'missing'.

>But it stops at
>checking for pthread_detach with <pthread.h>... no

I assume it actually stopped with an error:

configure: error: could not locate pthread_detach()

This happens when configure finds a Pthread implementation
on your system but it missing a required routine.  This
indicates an inconsistent build environment and, hence,
causes a fatal error.

You will either have to tell it to configure with threads
	./configure --without-threads

or apply an appropriate hint from our FAQ.