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RE: Problems with set up and connection...?


Too much shell shielding!

I think the way you are shielding characters from the shell is redundant?
Look at what slapd is getting as your baseDN:

>~~~From slapd:
(blah blah blah)
>conn=0 fd=7 connection from pbroker1q.jc.jefco.com (
(blah blah blah)
>conn=0 op=1 SRCH base="O=\"JEFFERIES & CO.\",C=US" scope=2

Notice the difference between what slapd is reading as your baseDN and what
is reading your filter as. If we strip slapd's double-quotes, we get:

filter: (objectclass=*)
base: O=\"JEFFERIES & CO.\",C=US

There are no quotes in your filter!

I think what you wanted was


The single quote is really all the shell-shielding you need. Try
ldapsearch -b 'o=Jefferies & Co.,c=us' 'objectClass=*' -d 65535

One way to find out how much shell shielding you need is to use echo, i.e.
>echo 'Jefferies & Co.'
Jefferies & Co.

If you get funny stuff in this display then you needed to shield
something... but I don't think you will (: