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RE: ldbm

I used a shell pipe to get this to my email box; it stripped the comma(s)
and gosh knows what else. Sorry bout that.

R.C. ->

As far as your dn problem, you could ldap url it?

I think that's right but knowing my luck I forgot a comma or something.

P.S. I wiped everything and installed using DB2 today instead of GDBM and it
works. Yay!

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On Thu, 1 Apr 1999 12:29:36 -0500  "Walker, Mike" <mwalker@v-one.com> 

> 11:27 picket /usr/local/ldap/clients/tools>ldapsearch 'objectclass=*'
> ldap_search: No such object
> 11:27 picket /usr/local/ldap/clients/tools>ldapsearch -b 'o=VONE c=US'
> 'objectclass=*'
> ldap_search: No such object

Is that a direct paste or a type copying it?  You need a comma between 
the organization and country attribute in your Base DN:

  > ldapsearch -b 'o=VONE, c=US' 'objectclass=*'
                         ^--- there!

An aside...

As a matter of interest on Base DNs, on our LDAP server (which we're 
testing ATM) it's 'ou=University of Reading, c=GB'.

Client users have to insert this in as the 'search root' or whatever.  
This is a bit of a chore (they tend to mistype it or stick a 'The' in 
there).  Can I just miss that out (if I leave it out on the client 
machine it doesn't work; I'm talking about on the server)?  What do I 
lose if I do?  Problems trying to link the servers in a hierarchy?

  - Bob

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