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Re: Help me please! Lots of prob!

>Hello there
>    After I installed stuffs. I issued command 'ldif2ldbm -f
>myslapd.conf -i myldif' (contents of these files are at the end of
>message). I wonder where da file storing database goes? (it's gdbm).
>Well, after that, I started slapd by issueing command
>'/usr/local/libexec/slapd -f myslapd.conf' and then tried to query with
>'ldapsearch -h localhost 'objectclass=*'". It said "ldap_search: DSA is
>unwilling to perform".

You MUST specify a suffix for search or set an empty suffix in slapd.conf
(you can set several suffixes for one backend)

>Then again, I tried "ldapsearch -w secret -b
>"cn=Pawee, o=TLWG, c=TH" "objectclass=*"" -- nothing came out!, there is

hmm - you set BindPW but do not set BindDN - you should try
ldapsearch -h localhost -b "o=TLWG,c=TH" "objectclass=*"