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OpenLDAP 1.2.1 released

OpenLDAP 1.2.1 is now available.  This is purely a maintenance
release designed specifically to resolve a few isolated, but
severe issues.  A list of changes can be found below.

The OPENLDAP_STABLE tag has been moved forward to 1.2.0.
It will likely be moved forward to 1.2.1 soon.

Changes included in OpenLDAP 1.2.1
    Updated ctype and string generic headers
    Fixed ctype 'unsigned char' bug
    Fixed slapd back-ldbm derefDN crash bug
    Fixed slapd cn=config crash bug
    Fixed ldbmcat BDB2 crash bug
    Fixed -lldap leak of ldap.conf fd
    Build environment
        Added pthread '-mt' check for Solaris 2.x.
        Added mkdep CC_MKDEP_FLAGS support
        Fixed slapd 'make veryclean'
        Fixed des_debug syntax error.
        Modified doc/man to generate pages during make all.