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OpenLDAP 1.2beta2 released

OpenLDAP 1.2beta2 is available for final release testing.

This version contains a number of improvements as well as a
significant number of bug fixes.  Many of the bug fixes are
designed to resolve thread races and deadlock issues.  However
some outstanding issues still remain (mainly with running in
preemptive and/or concurrent threading environments).

Changes included in OpenLDAP 1.2
    Fixed slapd/ldbm/add cache set state deadlock bug
    Fixed slapd/ldbm/add,modrdn,delete e_ndn handling
    Fixed -lldap/ldap_init() bug
    Fixed -lldap/ldap_sort_entries() zero entries bug
    Fixed slapd/slap_op memory/lock leak bug
    Fixed slapd/back-ldbm IDL delete from ALLIDS bug
    Fixed slapd/getfilter double free() bug
    Updated slapd/back-ldbm/id2children has_children logging
    Updated slapd/back-ldbm IDList handling
    Updated ldap_open(3) man page to note ldap_init() is preferred.
    Updated internal thread library
    Updated slapd/back-shell to use void* private and pid_t
    Build environment
        Fixed --without-threads building
        Fixed mkdep to handle multiple dependent files on one line
        Fixed slapd library dependencies
        Fixed openldap.m4 to "protect" shell variable
        Fixed HAVE_PHREAD_FINAL typo
        Fixed pthread detection on Digital UNIX
        Fixed KerberosV build bug
        Updated to Autoconf 1.3 with aclocal from automake 1.4
        Removed autoconf dependencies from main makefile

Changes included in OpenLDAP 1.2
    Added ldappasswd() tool
    Added salted MD5/SHA1 password support
    Added client/tools password prompting (-W)
    Added slapd alternative args/pid file locations
    Added slapd logging option
    Added slapd nextid chunking
    Added LDBM DB2 debugging support
    Fixed client SIGPIPE handling
    Fixed lber leaking ber_scanf
    Updated client -d(ebug) handling
    Updated slapd alias deref functionality to be optional
    Updated client/tools Kerberos option handling
    Build environment
        Added -kthread support
        Renamed install.sh to install-sh

OpenLDAP 1.2beta2 is available for download at: