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[LDAP] How to organise the database?


I've just setup a local ldap server to experiment with but I'm
a little confused about the information I can put into an ldap server.

I believe the information in the ldap database is organised in
a tree structure, right?  Ifso, how can I define the layout of
this structure (which attributes go where and at what level) ?
Can I decide on this structure myself or should I adhere to some
predefined hierarchy if I want to use my LDAP server from a mail-client.
In other words: how does f.i. netscape find out where to get the information
I'm looking for?

Is there any document describing how to organise the data in the
database?  I searched the web for it but couldn't find anything about
the content of the LDAP server  (except for the RFC's but I would 
really prefer something else if possible).

Thanks in advance,


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